Centarra Mining (CM) is the nationalized mining faction of Ailon Nova Guard. It is headquartered on the planet Anlas.

Centarra Mining has quite and interesting beginning. The company was originally incorporated in the thought of supplying raw materials to its sister company TransGalMeg. With much time and experience, the company finally was founded to do just that as well as supply materials to its government of Ailon. Centarra Mining was started in the previous footsteps of NovaTech Mining, a previously aligned faction that dissolved due to its random selection of mining sites. Centarra Mining was formed to take up the good parts of NovaTech, and supply both the magnificent government of Ailon Nova Guard and the powerhouse production corporation TransGalMeg with raw materials to assist with production and construction. CM was not started as a public mining company, but who knows? Maybe it'll be the top mining company just as ANG and TGM are today.

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