Carrack/I-class Light Cruiser


Length 350 m
Hull 2,250
Deflector Shields 1,750
  • (10) Turbolasers
  • (20) Ion Cannons
  • (5) Tractor Beams
Affiliation Galactic Empire

The standard Imperial border patrol for key systems, the Carrack cruiser is more suited to anti fighter/freighter defense. Designed to replace the old Tartan patrol cruisers, the Carrack I is equipped to disable, capture and board ships rather than destroy them. Requiring only one pilot to function it has become a standard for small capital ships to follow after. The standard crew for this vessel is approximately 50, eight of whom are bridge crew (two pilots, a Stats Officer, two Gunnery Officers, a Commander, a Shield Officer and a Scanner Officer). Although an Imperial design, organizations such as the Rebel Alliance have been known to possess Carrack cruisers along with Imperial allies and business partners. As a consequence of this the Carrack I is a commonly used ship throughout the galaxy especially due to its advanced sensor suite making it easier to detect smugglers trying to enter the system undetected. Its main weakness however is the lack of anti fighter weaponry capable of destroying entities.

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