[22:12:16] Jim_Ugon remember i want my triple mony by tomarrow
[22:12:42] Calista Or what?
[22:12:53] Jim_Ugon or your dead
[22:13:10] Calista How will you kill me?
[22:13:22] Jim_Ugon bounty hunter
[22:14:54] Calista I know all the people you`d send after me. They like me better.

[22:14:03] *** Araven_Thaas has joined #swc-traders
[22:14:30] HuruMorDae we are the hornest boyswith the cornest ploys, we take the easy girlsto are sleasest worlds >.>
[22:14:59] *** Araven_Thaas has left #swc-traders
[22:15:06] HuruMorDae i did my job...

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