Personal Information
Leadership: Select Committee
Formation: Unknown circa Year -4
Headquarters: Coruscant
Locations: Galaxy-wide
Status: Active

COMPNOR is an acronym standing for Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, and at its outset was an umbrella organization for various entities that are designed to maintain support for the New Order. COMPNOR was created to support the Emperor and the Republic war effort, organizing credits for clones drives and other patriotic programs. It was reorganized shortly after the end of the Clone Wars and establishment of the Galactic Empire. Imperial citizens are encouraged to join COMPNOR. Members are given exclusive access to breaking news, a free subscription to Iron Will (official feed of COMPNOR) via INS news services and a chance to participate in special contests to bolster activity in the Empire. Pre-teen and teenage human children in the Empire are encouraged to join SAGroup (Sub-Adult Group), a paramilitary youth organization that instils loyalty to the Empire and prepares youth for enlistment in the Imperial military. The current Director of COMPNOR is Grand Vizier Machkhit

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