Kirogost, located in the Pantolomin system was a practically unheard of world. Owned by the Nautolan Society, a non-faction at the time, it produced little income and had very low civilization ratings.

During Year 9, Day 97, a massive power surge damaged the city and turned off power to all buildings, giving the local government little control. Seeing an empty and unused planet, an unknown faction cleared space for three new cities, Larissa, Ivory Tower, and Lorcano. Because the Nautolan Society's power over the planet was now shaky, the faction was not required to have build permits.

Nine days later, the Nautolan Society discovered that their world was being used by another faction and immediately sent Saul Cohmre to consult with the leader of Onyx Excavations, Stephen Garrett. Having been a friend and business partner of Pixelor Xess, who had created Onyx with the help of Stephen and founded the Nautolan Society, Garrett accepted the request and immediately began an operation involving the rapid transport of material and personnel. Though the operation required only three members from the Onyx ranks, Luna Wayha, Orion McPhee, Russ Leman, Tyriss Haxim, and Adeno Lorc volunteered.

The recently organized band of rescuers pooled their resources, bringing three Drop Ship Transports (piloted by Orion), a Sentinel-class Shuttle (piloted by Tyriss), two W23 Star Haulers, a Gallofree, and a bulk freighter, piloted by the remaining volunteers. Tyriss and Orion, using their ships for the transportation of personnel, brought more than a hundred workers and the other hauler ships brought together thousands of units of materials. Having finally received all of the requested raw materials, Garrett began construction a mere five days after the project was initiated. In just one day, six cities were constructed, giving Onyx Corporation superior numbers compared to the opposite faction's three city slabs. Finally, after planetary control had been regained, the still unknown faction was identified as Corellian Transport Services.

Upon the reception of this information, Mr. Garrett queried both the New Republic and the leader of CTS. Receiving a quick order of withdrawal, on Day 115, construction of CTS cities and buildings were aborted, and the issue of the three new city slabs came under discussion. Mr. Garrett purchased the city slabs and CTS apologized, informing Onyx Excavations that it had all been a misunderstanding.

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