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Bane Tufftoe

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Year 9 Day 123

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Paramilitary, Bounty Hunters


Bounty Hunters Guild

The Bounty Hunters Guild (BHG) is a fearless organization that will take any bounty... for a price that is. Our services are great and large, and as long as you provide the Intel and the Money, we will get the job done. Dating back to when the Galactic Empire was at its top, we have been taking down criminals, politicians and other folks that have had a great Bounty on their heads. We rivaled with many of the groups back then, such as the The Damned, Black Sun and also another fellow group, Bounty Hunters Alliance. As the Empire began to fall apart as Empires always do, so did the Bounty Hunters Guild also began to fall apart. The group fell into a slumber period, where many Hunters tried to step forward and pull the pieces back together.

About a year ago, a Political Hero and a fellow Hunter stepped from the ashes of BHG and took leadership. We have now begun to stretch our might once more, becoming once again into what he once were. We are a hidden group, doing our deeds silently and taking in what we are owed. If you screw with us, we will surely repay that debt. If you wish to contact us, please follow the instructions below. Remember, as long as you pay us the right price, we will do what you want. If you have a Bounty on your head, you better hope its a low one....


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