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Prard`Al Keyrek

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Year 8 Day 343

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Black Nebula

Black Nebula is a government in the Star Wars Combine and was founded on Year 8 Day 343.


Black Nebula is considered by many to be the most dangerous pirate organization in the galaxy. Its members come from all walks of life which make it a particularly dangerous organization. It has often been called ‘the black hole’ because of its secrecy and knowledge. Every little detail is sucked in and stays there for ever. It has been credited with the theft of several ships that have seemingly disappeared. Interestingly parts of certain vessels of these vessels have came up on the black market for sale by Black Nebula members.

Black Nebula derives its name from an unstable Nebula in the unknown regions that helped found the organization. It is said that when Prard' Al Keyrek looked into the nebula as he passed he saw the galaxy in its entirety and he saw the corruption in the New Republic, He saw the hypocrisy of the Empire and he saw the boredom of Hapes and its isolation and he realized that the galaxy was corrupt and rotten and selfish. He saw that what was needed was honesty, So he founded the Black Nebula. It would become a monument to crime, theft, piracy and anger which he believed ruled the galaxy.

With those beliefs its members look to the organization as the true and just rulers of the galaxy. They do as others do but they are honest about it.

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