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Bill Wildstar is the former leader of Silverhelm Entertainment Media Incorporated and, as of Year 10, is a member of the Direx Board in the Corporate Sector Authority. He is more famously known as "the crappiest of GNS writers," a disparaging nickname given to him in Year 7 by the Eidola Pirates.


A young man that is very green. He has short brown/blond hair and stands about 5'10", 170lbs. He is mostly found in his black work slacks, black boots, and gray long sleeve shirt. Drinking seldom but always smoking.


In the darkness of space along the hyperspace trails of yesteryear, there is a story of a lone cruiser that flies to uphold the truth. He was the last of the deep space marshals. Trapped by the very band of outlaws he was pursuing, he blew up his ship — taking out the outlaws with him. Now in the outer edges of known space, there are still reports of this phantom ship of an outdated design that comes out of nowhere and attacks wrong doers. Very few witnesses can be found to say what the ship looks like...


A jovial and personable individual, Wildstar attained galactic infamy after posting one of the worst GNS articles in the collective memory of the Star Wars Combine. Published in Year 7, the article — officially approved for broadcast by the Galactic Empire — was decried by critics such as Teniel Djo as "a journalist travesty" and "the worst attempt at erotica ever attempted." The Eidola Pirates placed a 10,000,000 bounty on Wildstar's head.

The article led to Wildstar's dismissal as leader of Silverhelm Entertainment Media. He was replaced by Donnie Deffland who revamped the latter news agency. Eventually, Wildstar regained the confidence of the Corporate Sector and was promoted to its ruling Direx Board.

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