Syn's Quote DB Edit

[18:17:40] Bethor_Nosgoth: anyhow...I saw an eppisode of millionair where a guy asked for a life line on the question "In the United States, what hand is a wedding ring typically worn on?"
[18:18:05] Hal: Hold on, there's FOUR answers to that question???
[18:18:20] Bethor_Nosgoth: Yah, was like Left, Right, Either, or Foot.

[18:40:48] David_Salohah: i've got *everything* figured out jonas ;)
[18:40:56] Hal_Breden: Except his shoelaces
[18:41:07] Bethor_Nosgoth: and stairs, stairs are still a pain for David.
[18:41:50] Bethor_Nosgoth: Oh and chopsticks. He hasnt figured out how to eat a egg roll with Chopsticks.
[18:42:00] Bethor_Nosgoth: come to think of it, there is alot of stuff he hasnt figured out :-0

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