Benethor Draygo was a Jedi Knight in the days of the Old Republic. Fleeing the Jedi Purge, he created a new Force Tradition that embodied both the Light side and the Dark side in a Unifying balance. It was called the Jensaarai.

Characteristics Edit

Male Bothan

Alias: Ben

Fur Color: Tawny Brown with Graying

Eye Color: Brown

Usual Clothing Style: Simple traveler's clothes with a sun bleached Jedi Robe.

Weapon of Choice: Ben has three lightsabers: his first is a Normal Green colored one named Slicer, he has a shoto is an orange blade named Durin, and finally a 'S' shaped hilt lightsaber with two blades of a magenta hue (not a practical weapon, but masterful none-the-less)

Born: Bothawui, circa Year -55

Death: Abregado-rae, Year 9

Age: 64 galactic standard years

Timeline of the life of Benethor Edit

- born, Year -55

- graduated schooling 1 year early, Year -31

- left home to become an entrepenuer, Year -30

- failing at business, he became a member of Black Sun, Year -28

- rose through the ranks of Black Sun to become a Vigo, Year -28 through Year -22

- was discovered to be Force Sensitive, Year -22

- became a Jedi Acolyte, Year -21

- became a Jedi Padawan Apprentice, Year -20

- became a Jedi Knight, Year -10

- Jedi Purge, Year 0

- secluded himself and went into his studies, Year 0 through Year 3

- started the Jensaarai Force Tradition and became the first Saarai-kaar, Year 3 through Year 6

- in battle, lost all of his apprentices, Year 7 and 8

- met Navik Ikron, Year 8

- moved to the APB Island on Abregado-rae to safeguard the artifact, Year 9

- met Jojoban Mosque, Year 9

- made Jojoban his apprentice and heir, Year 9

- died, Year 9

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