The Battle of Vinsoth was fought between the Galactic Empire and the Trade Federation in early Year 7, the exact date is unknown. The forces of the Trade Federation were commanded by ex-Minister of Defense Centauri Tyridius and the forces of the Galactic Empire were commanded by Admiral Slicer. The Trade Federation force in the system consisted of Lucrehulk battleships and irregular fighters as the Imperials launched a surprise invasion. Imperial strength consisted of several Imperial Star Destroyers, a Super Star Destroyer, and TIE fighters. The battle resulted in an Imperial defeat after several days of fierce fighting and played a major part in the repel of the Imperial invasion of the Glythe Sector.

This battle was the beginning of the Trade Federation-Imperial war which lasted for more than two years, finally ending on Year 9 Day 3 with the Peace of Vinsoth.

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