The Battle of Beta was fought between the Galactic Empire under the leadership of Emperor Greyson Uebles and Falleen Federation under Lord Commander Zechs Darius in late Year 5. Under King Eldrik Kuraine, the Falleen Federation had achieved a number of victories against the Galactic Empire, notably capturing the Imperial Star Destroyer Shadowstone. An uncharted system, Beta was first discovered during the search for Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom. Since that time it had become a major stronghold of Kuraine, dominated by the massive spacestation Libra. An estimated three billion sentients lived on the main planet of Ul Yanin.

Imperial Forces were victorious in the battle, with minimal loses, assisted by the defection of a senior member of the Falleen Federation. The Libra was destroyed, and the entire population of Ul Yanin killed, mainly by the Imperial Army under the command of Brigadier General Durand . Kuraine and his consort were also killed by the Sith Lord Thraken Solo onboard the Shadowstone, although the Empire failed to recapture it. The Empire placed blame on the loss of Shadowstone on Imperial High Command member Vir Calder, who mysteriously disappeared during this event; Imperials assumed Calder was in leagues with the Falleen Federation and placed a bounty for his capture. After Imperial Intelligence failed to locate Calder after many years, it successfully lobbied Imperial High Command to drop the charges against Calder.

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