General Balsaraph was the commander of the Imperial Army and, later, a member of the Order of Darkness. He was a key figure in the downfall of Emperor Suntzu, an early ruler of the Galactic Empire.


During the brief reign of Emperor Suntzu, Balsaraph accused Moff Vodo Bonias of encouraging the emperor to instate policies which favored the Imperial Navy over the Army. Balsaraph soon gained the support of a former emperor, Hiram Drayson. Balsaraph joined "the Order of Darkness," which Drayson asserted was "a purer iteration of the Empire." This latter collective claimed that Suntzu was a puppet of Bonias. In retaliation, the forces of Moff Bonias attacked Balsaraph and his officers who fled Imperial space. Emperor Suntzu then exiled both Balsaraph and Drayson from the Galactic Empire.

Asynchronously, Admiral Dyvel of the Imperial Navy defected to the Order of Darkness, stealing a number of Star Destroyers in the process. Now beyond the reach of Suntzu and Bonias, the Order continued to disseminate its views. As the beliefs of the Order of Darkness gained prevalence throughout the galaxy, Emperor Suntzu was viewed as weak by his subjects and forced to abdicate.

Forever exiled from the Empire, Balsaraph is believed to have remained a loyal member of the Order of Darkness until the end of his days. In time, the Order's power waned as its support drew thin, allowing the Galactic Empire to recover some of its stolen vessels.

The fate of General Balsaraph remains unknown.

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