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Balavan Bobil

Member Since: June 16, 2000

Personal Bio. Balavan was born Laro Gann to the King Gace and Queen Maret of the planet Dynona. She was first of four sisters. When she was two her grandmother Txike Aro Du had a vision that the Tobrecan would take over Dynona and rest of the starsystem. They would kill every man, woman, and child because of there extreme hatred of other races. Fearing what she said Gace and Maret evacuated the people of Dynona. Knowing the Tobrecan would hunt them down Gace and Maret separated there children. They gave Laro to Txike because they felt Laro had a great power. Txike renamed Laro Gann to Balavan Bobil and went to the planet Tatooine to raise her. Balavan never knew anything about her parents or sisters. Right before Txike died she was told about them. Balavan join the Rebel Alliance, Seeker Army, and married Ken Jiu at 20 years old.

At 21 she quit the Rebel Alliance and headed toward CSS.

After a hard time in marriage she divorced Ken and gave birth to there daughter, Nimue Pylos Atalanta Jiu.

At this time she reclaim her first daughter, Saveage Ryence Wenhaver Dra, that she gave up two years earlier to Kenar Dra, the childs father. They are doing great.

Became new leader of Centrepoint Space Station on February 17, 2001.

Resign as Leader of CSS on May 25th 2001.

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