Personal Information
Name: Bafu Boon
Titles/Ranks: Lieutenant Jr Grade, The Antarian Rangers
Birth-date: Unknown
Home World: Naboo
Family Status: Single
Physical Description
Species: Gungan
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3
Weight: 205 lbs
Hair: None
Eyes: Greenish Gold
Skin Tone: Purpleish Blue
Parents: Unknown Gungans
Siblings: Brother - Unknown Gungan; Sister - Ruri Boon

Bafu Boon is a member of The Antarian Rangers.

Birth and Early Life Edit

Bafu was born the youngest of three. His father was a guard for the Boss of his home town. One day his father stumbled upon a devious plot by a rival ankura gungan to the boss. This ankura had the Boon family killed for knowing too much. His house was raided one night, only his sister and a young Bafu escaped and fleed the planet. Several years later his sister grew ill and soon passed away. Alone in the universe Bafu did many odd jobs to get by. He had a knack for starship repair and a passion for piloting.

The Antarian Rangers Edit

Evintually he was noticed by a recruiter for the Antarian Rangers. Looking for his place in the world he eagerly joined them, and in them has found the family he never had. There he remains doing his part to help out and keep the faction moving forward.

Ribbons and Honors Edit


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