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Year 6 Day 9

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The Avance Coalition (TAC) is a galactic government in the Star Wars Combine and was founded on Year 6 Day 9. The current leader of the government is Arklari Clise. The Avance Coalition is headquartered in the Moddell Sector.


The Avance Coalition is a neutral, independent government that spans the Moddell sector. It is founded to be the light in the darkness, the beacon of hope to those wanting to leave the corruption of the rest of the galaxy behind them. For Avance was created to be an ideal society to be enjoyed by all, one where it advances forward to bring a better tomorrow to its people.

Created by combining the might of its two major houses, House Soyak-Ikron and House Rainer, this coalition of military and economic strength is a natural consequence, a necessity, for the Moddell Sector to turn into the galactic hub it aspires to be, and for the Soyak-Rainer-Enterprises to continue to expand.

The Coalition is lead by a collection of individuals, known as the Hall of Houses, which consists of the various Counsels, each head of their own department, or council. Avance has a number of houses, which in turn, govern a system of their own, subjected only to the will of the Hall of Houses or the High Lords Arklari Clise and Navik Ikron.


Visitors to the Coalition and the Moddell Sector should make sure they read up on Avance customs and laws, as violation of both is not well accepted by the Avance Security Forces. While execution is the standard in the galaxy, we in the Moddell Sector prefer lifetime imprisonment.

People who wish to join as citizens, or even house-members, should start by visiting our holosite, where the joining process is explained in detail.

Don't be among the best, BE the best.


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