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Arklari Clise
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Date of birth

Year -96

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Hair color

Light and Dark Brown

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Early lifeEdit

"No one can imagine falling quite as far as I did."
— Lord Arklari

Arklari Clise, also known as Lord Arklari, is a wookiee, a furry race from the planet Kashyyyk. Even though he was born on Kashyyyk, he left on his own accord without being exiled or enslaved, a decision he later regret. When he tried to come back, he saw that the Empire had destroyed his entire village. Arklari fell into a very long depression which caused him to spend a large portion of his life simply wandering the galaxy, without purpose or meaning. He had felt that he was no longer worthy of living for not being there to help his family and had even tried to kill himself on at least two occasions.

It seemed like the poor lonesome Wookiee would wander the galaxy forever.

Aduba 4Edit

"It was a near religious experience, I would say. What happened to me on Aduba 4."
— Lord Arklari

In his wandering, eventually it was inevitable that fate would lead him to Aduba 4. While the planet was nearly void of intelligent life, Arklari was running out of supplies and needed to look for something in the only town on the planet, Zyric. There was no real government on the planet, other than a small democratic council to lead the 682 sentients that lived on the backward planet. Being a wookiee, Arklari was unable to speak Galactic Basic and thus communicate with the locals.

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