Arkan Tir-Dann

Arkan Tir-Dann's past is shrouded in mystery and touched by tragedy. Orphaned by one of the earliest conflicts that would later lead to full scale Rebellion, Arkan was taken from his native Coruscant by his uncle, a smuggler and renegade who operated outside the core systems.

Rumor suggests that the boy did not remain with his uncle long, and that by the age of twelve he had taken up with an enigmatic bounty hunter, utilizing archaic and antiquated Mandalorian Battle Dress.

Following a lengthy apprenticeship, Arkan became a solo operative, primarily based around the Smuggler's Moon, Nar'Shadaa. A modified version of his mentor's armor and a customized blaster rifle became his trade-mark tools, although Dahurgha has mentioned that he once noticed the young man carrying a lightsaber attached to his belt.

No one is entirely sure how or why Arkan came to Bespin in recent months, especially in light of the strict regulations covering bounty hunting and the fact that he is independent of the Guild. Some have speculated that he has met with Lady Dyvel and is currently being considered for a ranking role within the Wing Guard.

As for Lady Dyvel herself, she remains somewhat reticent about her dealings with Arkan. "He is from a very old family", she has been heard to say, "one with a great and terrible heritage..."

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