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[11:57:57] Arjuna : I don't open doors for girls anymore. Instead, I slam the door closed in their face and yell,"Feel the impowerment!" at them.

  • Hermes sees Onyx being bored and hands her a drum, Onyx starts hitting the drum like someone who has down and a big smile

<Hermes> hehe

  • Onyx drops drum and starts banging on Hermes head

<Vayden> LMAO

  • Hermes grabs Vayden and holds her as sheild, Onyx starts hitting Vayden's bum
  • Vayden breaks Hermes' neck

<Hermes> oeh, big spanking

  • Vayden growls sadistically
  • Onyx keeps hitting vaydens bum

<Vayden> LOL

<Vayden> WTF!

<Hermes> haha

  • Vayden turns and glares at Onyx

<Onyx> what?

<Vayden> bum hitter!

  • Hermes sees Onyx's down Sydrome puppy eye's. 'ah Vay, you can't keep mad at a face like that

<Hermes> :)

<Vayden> Hermes

Vayden> you are sooooooo asking for it

<Hermes> >.>

<Hermes> <.<

  • Onyx spies Redbat, turns and starts hitting him

<Vayden> :)

<Vayden> ooooh he no like dat

<Onyx> wait whats a redbat?

  • Hermes laughs viciously, ' I have created a monster!! Mhoahahaha!! *dr. Evil style pinky*

<Vayden> it's a cranky server admin

<Vayden> :)

  • Vayden feels a Nick Kill for that one
  • Onyx goes back to banging on his backside

[16:56] <Arjuna> Solvan!

[16:56] * Quits: Solvan (Solvan@SWC-IRC.D3795F3BD6EA10.SWC) (Ping timeout)

[16:57] <Arjuna> Noooooo ... I Broke Solvan

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