Axel von Rosenbèrg
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Year -14 Day 105

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During the Year 14, Day 105, on the planet of Kuat, the House von Rosenbèrg concieved a heir to the Patriarch of the House. This heir grew up on the planet Kuat, even though his origins were from the native planet of Kiffix. Proceeding throughout his childhood, Axel become popular with the local females and became talented with a rifle. From the early age of 16, he learnt many trades of Kuat, from its popular shipyards, to its factories which covered the planet. Upon reaching the coming of age, a ritual the von Rosenbèrg family all have to undertake, Axel travelled to the planet of Hoth with his father to hunt down a Wampa and survive the night in the treacherous, freezing temperature of Hoth. With his pure wit and survival skills, Axel completed his ritual and made his way back towards the ship, his father was waiting in. On his way back, in the far distance was a small wreakage, still burning in the cold morning day. Recognising the wreakage, he hurried himself over to it, and only to find his fathers body laying in the snow, with scorch marks over his skin. Realising he had no way off the freezing planet, Axel started to use his construction skills to his advantage and slowly but surely he got the old wreakage functioning again. Plotting the course for his family manor in Kuat, he was only going to find more sorrow in his life.

Reachings his family manor, he only found what seemed to be a pile of wreakage. Setting foot upon where the front door used to be, he scanned the outlaying areas for any sign of live. Looking in dispair, for his family members and shedding but one tear he noticed movement in the distant corner of his eye. This movement was to be a person as Axel got closer, and with more hope then he thought, it was he younger brother Thomas von Rosenbèrg, a survivor of the purge of House von Rosenbèrg. As his brother explained about ruthless pirates attacking the little town outskirting the large multi-plex cities on Kuat, Axel become even more fond of ridding the galaxy of criminal activity. Taking his brother under his wings, Axel decided to rebuild the House von Rosenbèrg, claiming Patriarch and his brother claiming Count they both started to find a new suitable home for the manor they set out to build.

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House von Rosenbèrg

Noble House of two families who interlocked themselves with marriage, with one coming from the Kiffer heritage and the other from a Naboo heritage.

Patriarch Axel von Rosenbèrg

Count Thomas von Rosenbèrg

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