V-Wing Fighter
Production information
Technical specifications
Although outdated by most standards, the Alpha-3 Nimbus remains one of the pinnacles of starfighter engineering ever accomplished. Its designer, Jort Truuv, was well-known in production circles for his innovative craft design, coupled with overwhelming combat capabilities and the Alpha-3 prototypes are still held in great awe on many worlds. From these prototypes came the Republic V-Wing that was used as a space bomber which was almost unparalleled for armor and power. The Nimbus is incredibly fast and even outpaces the infamous X-wings and manages to keep its speed with the blistering fast A-Wings of the Rebel Alliance. What few combat prototypes remain are used as recon fighters due to their maneuverability and speed. However they have to be carried in system first as all lack a hyperdrive since Truuv was killed during a conflict when of super battle droids invaded his system thus preventing him from completing what would have been the ultimate fighter.
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