Alec Suba
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196 cm

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Dark Brown,

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Galactic Empire, Imperial Navy

Alec Suba was born on Coruscant to parents who were Rebel Sympathizers. Late at night when Alec was growing up his parents would sneak out and assist the local rebel cell in raids against imperial facilities. One night When Alec was 16 years of Age he decided to follow his parents as they went to perform a raid. What Alec witnessed was Imperial Soldiers slaughtered for the supplies they guarded. His world was turned upside down as everything he was told by his parents about the cruelty of the Empire seemed a lie. Alec rushed Home and Alerted Imperial Authorities to what he saw. He would open the door to an Officer and a Small Group of Stormtroopers who he allowed in to catch his parents after their raid.

It was at the Moment he saw his Parents apprehended for their crimes that he realized the Rebellion was the enemy not the Empire. Alec would tell the Officer his intent to serve the Empire and from there he was sent to the Imperial Academy to serve the Emperor and the Empire.

Early Navy ServiceEdit

After graduating from the academy Suba was given the rank of Lieutenant and was assigned to Nightmare Squadron under the Command of Lieutenant Commander Gunther Von Esling. Nightmare Squadron was attached to the 6th Imperial Fleet during a time of relative peace with the Rebel Alliance largely ineffective. It would be this Peace that would eventually lead to the departure from Nightmare Squadron for the IATO.

The IATOEdit

Needing assistance in the Imperial Assignments and Training Office then Director Colonel Swan would bring in Lt. Suba as Deputy Director. For Several Months they would work on the recruitment and Training Systems for the Empire until the dark times came.

The end of the SWSIM and Birth of the SWCOMEdit

The events surrounding Suba’s life during this Period are lost to oblivion.


Imperial NavyEdit

  • Lieutenant [O-3]
  • Commander [O-5]
  • Captain [O-6]

Imperial Security BureauEdit

  • ISB-Lieutenant Colonel [O-5]
  • ISB-Colonel [O-6]
  • ISB-General [HC-1]



  • Battle Efficiency Award
  • Combat Action Ribon
  • Star Wars Simulation Award
  • Imperial Duty Bars - 3 Years

Navy AwardsEdit

  • Navy Medal of Loyalty
  • Navy Betterment Award
  • Navy Medal of Order
  • Tactical Essay Contest-Officer 1
  • Second Assault Fleet Retired Veteran
  • First Imperial Fleet Retired
  • Third Imperial Fleet- Member


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