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Galactic Empire

Alan Steel is a Brigadier General in the Imperial Army. He was born on the planet of Tatooine but does not remember anything about his childhood or family. Soon, his journey began as he joined the cause of the Galactic Empire and enlisted into the Imperial Army. There he remains today, as the Army Executive Officer.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Childhood[edit | edit source]

Not much is known of his childhood. No parents, no family, and nothing important to remember. He was born on the planet of Tatooine and when he was 18, joined the Imperial Army.

Service[edit | edit source]

Upon enlisting into the Imperial Army, Steel started out like many others, as a Private. After some time, he rose to the rank of Sergeant, like many others and, eventually, was promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. After joining the officer ranks, his career still continued to grow. Soon becoming a 1st Lieutenant and following a reorganisation of the Army, he was made Executive Officer of the 1st Brigade under Captain Maxamillion Power. Following the defection of Power he was promote to Major in the Imperial Army. At this point, the Imperial Army was going through a rough time, and Major Alan Steel was named the Acting Army Commanding Officer. Eventually, his reign as Army Commanding Officer came to an end, but it would not be the last time he held the position. After being promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, the Army, once again, needed a Commanding Officer, and Steel became the Acting Army Commanding Officer. After Colonel Yoshi Hikaru took up the position, Alan Steel was promoted to the rank of Colonel, and became the Army Adjutant, while Colonel Dale Chambers became the Army Executive Officer. Eventually, Yoshi left the Galactic Empire and Dale Chambers took up the spot of Army Commanding Officer, and Steel took up the position as the 2nd In Command. Soon after this, he joined the ranks of the Generals, and was promoted to the rank of Brigader General within the Imperial Army.

Ranks[edit | edit source]

Imperial Army[edit | edit source]

  • Private
  • Private First Class
  • Sergeant
  • Sergeant First Class
  • 2nd Lieutenant
  • 1st Lieutenant
  • Major
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Brigadier General
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