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Berth says:
Berth says:
I don't know, I would like to think it would eat you first.

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Aiden Cora says: remember when I told you that Aiden's a murder?

General Que-Kara says:


Aiden Cora says:

well he's actually a serial killer

Aiden Cora says:

  • shows you a picture of him stabing a box of cherios*

General Que-Kara says:


Dac Kain: *grainy picture reveals Dac Kain....with bungie cord in hands, strapping NPCs to the scanner dish*

  • ale bottles litter the ground, large dent in the Koro matches paint in the newly spawned 1210.*

Aiden: *all you see is a Bith hanging upside down from the ceiling with his mouth taped shut and Aiden sleeping peacfully with a grin on his face in the captain's chair*

Dac Kain: What no talent night?????

Aiden: not 'til I get some that Bith was tone def anyways.....

General Que-Kara says: Stupid Adien

General Que-Kara says: Hurray! for 30 days Im an image master

General Que-Kara says: then back to Picture it

Doc says: ... AND I'M LOLCAT MASTER.

Aiden Cora says: I'm a posting master!

Aiden Cora says: ....

Doc says: ... You make less sense than having a sundae on saturday.

General Que-Kara says: lol

Aiden Cora says: lol

General Que-Kara says: 6 windows and an installation

Aiden Cora says: 2 and a cannabalistic gopher

Aiden Cora says: ....forget that last part.....

Doc says: ... I have this odd feeling were all going to get strapped to an asteroid. ... Soon.

Doc says: And be forced to eat olive loaf.

Doc says: Until we puke.

Berth zumdin (2:03 PM): My computer is freezing up

Aiden (2:04 PM): might be my eggroll

Berth zumdin (2:04 PM): lol

Berth zumdin (1:17 PM): I'm pissed

Aiden (1:18 PM): No comment...

General Que-Kara says: I'll take him too go

Aiden Cora says: ok

Aiden Cora says: would you like the complementary slave girl?

General Que-Kara says: What species is she?

Aiden Cora says: Noghri

General Que-Kara says: Does she come with French Fries (with extra salt) or a Fillet-o-Fish

Aiden Cora says: Fillet-o-Ewok actually

General Que-Kara says: Meh, I dislike Ewok. I'll just eat the girl instead. I'll take her

Aiden Cora says: ok

Aiden Cora says:

  • wraps em up*

General Que-Kara says: Does it come with a drink?

General Que-Kara says: Salt Water will do fine

Aiden Cora says: maybe some bloodthirsty ewoks and arachnaphobic Bomar Monks too

Phinneus Jackson says: Ok, the first makes sense

Phinneus Jackson says: However we stick them in a manor

Aiden Cora says: lol

Phinneus Jackson says: The second is a paradox.

General Que-Kara says: I swear if I ran into "Yousa Sexy" my poision claws would be out and they'd find that Gungan in pieces

Aiden Cora says: LOL

Berth zumdin says: you should get tested

Aiden Cora says: I'm tryin but I have to wait...

Berth zumdin says: that sounded wrong

Aiden Cora says: LOL

Dac Kain says: well no spanking it then

Aiden Cora says: LOL

Sargeant Que-Kara says: lol

Berth says: lol

Aiden: I don't know, I would like to think it would eat you first.

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