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Subpro Corporation

Adlen Tsartheral is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Subpro Corporation.

Adlen Tsartheral's life started similarly to most Duros' life. He was born along the Corellian Trade Spine on the planet of Yag'Dhul. Yag'Dhul is the homeworld for the Givin species and that led to discrimination against the many Duros that were born on the planet.

Adlen and his brother, Miatha, grew up along the Corellian Trade Spine bouncing from planet to planet with their parents who were traders. While Adlen focused mostly on how to make their small ship better and faster his brother Miatha focused on how and why it worked. This led to Adlen and Miatha to begin to study Starship Engineering at Rigovian Technical University. Miatha graduated as the Valedictorian while Adlen graduated near the middle of the class. Rather than start their careers there both went back to school with very different schools of study. Adlen went on to study Advanced Hyperspace Studies at the University of Byblos while Miatha went on to get his Doctorate in Business Ethics at the Corulag University of Economics.

The brothers went on different paths from there. After graduating with his Master's degree in Advance Hyperspace Studies Adlen began to accumulate wealth in building ships and selling them on the open market. Adlen acquired enough wealth to purchase many shipyards and open Subpro Shipyards. Subpro Shipyards grew vastly in a short period of time and was renamed Subpro Corporation. During this time Adlen contacted his brother Miatha and asked him to start an academy on the moon of Caross I. Thus, Starvast Academy was formed.

Starvast Academy is a school for advanced physics and hyperspace travel and is owned solely by Subpro Corporation.

Adlen continues to run Subpro Corporation and continues to expand the corporation until they can be the top shipbuilders in the galaxy.

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