The Action VI Transport, like the Action V Transport, operates in convoys. Convoy escorts for these ships often consists of Nebulon-B Frigates or corvettes. Like others of its series, the Action VI remains unarmed. Thus, this ship remains an easy target for pirates on the prowl, and like its predecessor, it retains the name of "Inaction" freighter. Interestingly however, their size makes the Action VI difficult to capture. Only due to their extraordinarily inexpensive costs per ton to purchase, maintain and operate do these ships continue existing. This vessel was on the market at least shortly before the Battle of Geonosis, and was still available new at least a few weeks after the Battle of Yavin. The Rebel Alliance possesses very few of these ships, with most of them being obtained through raids. Some freighters have been captured through intimidation alone, in cases where they faced several B-Wings without any TIE support. The freighter crews decided to surrender themselves and their ships to the Rebels, instead of facing destruction. The fins flanking the ship in the aft section are manoeuvring fins.

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