Biographical information


Physical description

1.7 - 2.1 meters

Hair color

Brown, white

Skin color


Political information

At two meters tall,the hulking,humanoid Abyssin had long limbs and a single large eye that dominated their greenish-tan foreheads.The eye of the Abyssin had twin lenses and dual focal planes, which allows the Abyssin some measure of depth percepion.

Abyssin could heal quickly and regenerate any body part,whih some believe contributed to an especiall violent racial culture.Their fast regeneration is believed to have been an adaptation to prevent fluid loss from bleeding.Because their regenerative abilities,Abyssin could live up to 300 standard years.Elderly Abyssin lost these regenerative abilities,and either exiled themselves to die in the desert or were ritually killed by their tribe. When two Abyssin tribes met, they would interact peacefully through trading only if both groups had plentiful water and food supplies.Otherwise, they began a looding""Blooding",a brawl which ended only when one tribe's warriors were all killed,captured orincapacitated.Warriors who survived the Blooding were usually allowed to join the winning tribe once they finished regeneration.This tradition led to some violent incidents when spacers tried to trade with Abyssin tribes with scarce water resources, especially since the Abyssin assumed the alien traders could regenerate as quickly as they did.

Abyssin were a people who were often described as "primitive and violent,and were often hired as petty thugs.They inhabited the arid desert planet Byss,where they lived as nomadic herders.Abyssin were uncommon in the grater galaxy.Those who were found off Byss were often slaves or mercenaries.Abyssin were sometimes referred to as "monocs","cyclops" or "One-Eye".The Abyssin generally found these terms insulting,and would often react violent to them.

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