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Aarkon was the fourth Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance (1999).


In 1997, Aarkon joined the defunct Star Wars Simulation ("SWSim") and served in the Rebel Alliance. He was accepted as a Flight Cadet in Zee Wolf's Elite Fighter Squadron.

When the old SWSim came to an end, Aarkon followed Zee Wolf and several other SWSim veterans to a new simulation called the Star Wars Combine in which Fizzban served as Sim Master.

In the Star Wars Combine, Aarkon continued to serve in the Rebel Alliance as an assistant to the High Command and soon became an Admiral and took command of one of the first Fighter Carriers to be build for the Rebel Alliance.

Aarkon latter became Supreme Commander when Targ Seth'Gul stepped down and thus served as leader in 1998. Aarkon was the Supreme Commander that was to send out the first declaration of intent to the Galactic Empire. His declaration of intent can still be read on the Rebel Alliance page.

He was later replaced as Supreme Commander by Mon Akira when he left the Alliance.

He later turned up in Black Sun and was most frequently seen at the side of Gabriella Storm.

He has resurfaced in the Galactic Empire in 2008, though by fall of that same year he had finished playing.

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